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Co-enzyme Q10 30mg - 90 Capsules


Have you considered Coenzyme Q10 60mg? These capsules contain double the amount of CoQ10 for just 6p more per day, while still providing the same benefits for normal heart function and energy levels.* What is Coenzyme Q10? Also known as nature’s ‘spark plug’, Coenzyme Q10 is a naturally occurring compound that is present in every cell in the body, including in high concentrations in the heart, liver and kidneys. Levels of this substance deplete with age, and many experts link lowered levels of coenzyme Q10 to a decrease in energy levels as we get older. Why is ours better? We add vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, which has been proven to support the normal function of the heart and nervous system, as well as the conversion of food into energy. We use a coenzyme Q10 that is totally natural, which means it doesn’t contain some of the impurities that you’d find in synthetically produced CoQ10 supplements. What’s more, our easy to swallow capsules contain a sunflower oil base to help absorption in the body. Who is this for? This vegan formulation is ideal for those who want easy-swallow CoQ10 capsules to support their cardiac function and energy levels.* *Contains thiamin which contributes to the normal function of the heart and normal energy-yielding metabolism. Interested in more? Don’t forget to have a look at our entire range of Coenzyme Q10 products to find the strength that best suits your needs. DHA and EPA, the omega 3 fatty acids, contribute to the normal function of the heart, hence omega 3 fish oils are a popular supplement with those who want to support cardiac function. Opti-Omega 3 600mg is a highly absorbable, purified and sustainably sourced fish oil, delivered in easy-swallow capsules that support heart, brain and eye health.

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