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Aloe Vera 10,000mg - 180 tablets


What is aloe vera? Aloe vera is a ‘succulent’, a plant adapted to dry and arid climates. Native to the hot dry climate of North Africa, this wonder plant has thick and spiny leaves filled with a clear gel. This gel is rich in amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, and has a long history of use, as far back as Ancient Egypt. Today it is still cultivated around the world for agricultural and therapeutic uses. Why is ours better? We make our tablets only from a highly concentrated extract that provides the equivalent of 10,000mg of pure aloe vera gel per one-a-day tablet, the optimum level recommended by experts. We also add the B vitamins biotin and niacin, which support mucous membranes and normal metabolism.* *Biotin and niacin contribute to the maintenance of normal mucous membranes and to normal energy-yielding and macronutrient metabolism. Complementary products Our nutritionists recommend that anyone taking aloe vera tablets should also consider a high strength probiotic supplement for its complementary benefits.

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