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Sage 2,000mg - 120 Tablets


What is sage? The botanical name for sage is salvia officinalis which gives us a clue as to the potential benefits of this wonderful herb, as ‘salvia’ is from the Latin ‘salvere’ meaning ‘to be saved’ and ‘officinalis’ means ‘used in the practice of medicine’. Indeed, sage has been used for thousands of years for a wide range of conditions. Sage can be described as a mild phytoestrogen, literally a plant oestrogen, and is commonly taken by women as a perfect complement to black cohosh, a traditional herbal medicine used to help manage the symptoms of the menopause. Why is ours better? Healthspan’s vegan sage tablets are manufactured from only the very highest quality natural extract of botanical sage. The water-extraction maximises its natural properties; each one-a-day tablet provides 400mg of natural source sage extract, equivalent to 2,000mg whole sage leaf. Who is this for? Sage tablets are a popular supplement with women experiencing the changes that occur during the menopause.

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