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Chromium - 360 tablets


What is Chromium? It’s a mineral that we all need for good health. Although chromium was discovered at the end of the 18th century, it wasn’t until the 1950s that its role in managing blood glucose (sugar) was discovered. Scientists found that chromium was part of something called the glucose tolerance factor (GTF), which increases the effectiveness of insulin, a hormone that helps transport glucose inside cells and controls blood sugar levels. Chromium also helps the body to process the protein, carbohydrates and fat we consume. Being low or deficient in chromium can affect these key functions, causing a range of symptoms over time. And while chromium is found in many foods, including egg yolk, red meat, potatoes, cheese, fruit, whole grains, honey, vegetables and spices, it’s usually only in small amounts due to commercial farming and food processing depleting the soil and food of this mineral. Why is ours better? We make our tablets with high quality chromium picolinate, the form that’s easiest for your body to use. Who is this for? Our vegan chromium tablets are for anyone who wants to help keep their blood sugar in line and support the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Made in the UK. Complementary products Probiotic digestive bacteria is one of five supplements our experts believe provide the foundation of good health. Super20 Pro is a daily vegan capsule with a blend of twenty-billion live friendly bacteria from five of the best strains to help support the protective intestinal microflora of your gut.

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