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Easyfibre® Cleanse - 300g tub


What is Easyfibre® Cleanse? We all know fibre is a very important part of our diet, after all it is the fibre we consume that keeps our bowel movements regular. A lack of fibre could lead to constipation and diverticular disease. Many of us however don’t get the recommended minimum of 30g per day. In fact, the British Nutrition Foundation says most of us in the UK are only averaging 18g daily. Easyfibre® Cleanse is a gentle dietary fibre made of 100% natural psyllium husks from the seeds of the Plantago ovata plant, also known as blond psyllium. It helps keep your fibre intake up, maintaining a smooth digestive function. The husks act as a sponge in your body, gently absorbing water and waste material from your digestive system, helping clear your body of harmful toxins. Why choose Healthspan’s Easyfibre® Cleanse? Our pure psyllium husks are ideal for anyone looking for a simple and natural way to increase their fibre intake without changing their diet or lifestyle. Simply sprinkle the husks over your favourite cereal or porridge, or add them to a glass of water or juice. Easyfibre® Cleanse can prevent a ‘clogged’ digestive system that can lead to a build-up of toxins in the colon. It cleanses your body gently, without any discomfort or unnatural urgency. Made in the UK. Complementary products Look out also for our range of probiotics supplements, which are the perfect partners to any fibre supplement.

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