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Peppermint Oil - 180 capsules


What is Peppermint Oil? This refreshing herb has been used in food preparation for centuries, from salads, soups and sauces to teas and desserts. But it was also popular with the ancient Greeks and Romans for a variety of health ailments. The oil of peppermint contains over forty different compounds, including the essential oil menthol, which is used in many topical products for its varied benefits. Why is ours better? It is high strength – developed by expert nutritionists to provide 100mg pure peppermint oil per capsule, so you need just one capsule daily. The peppermint oil is obtained by steam distillation of the whole plant, including the leaves, stems and shoots. Its purity is rigorously tested throughout the process, which adheres to the highest manufacturing standards. Made in Switzerland. Interested in more? Our Artichoke tablets contain natural artichoke extract rich in nutrients. Complementary product Probiotics are one of five supplements our experts believe provide the foundation of good health. Our Super10 Pro, with ten billion live cultures, can support a healthy balance of digestive bacteria.

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