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Opti-Turmeric - 30 Capsules


What is turmeric? Known as “the golden spice of India” (where 80-90% of turmeric is produced), turmeric is gaining popularity for its perceived health properties across the globe. Although clinical research still remains inconclusive, the health benefits of turmeric have been praised for centuries in traditional Indian (Ayurveda) and Chinese medicines. Why choose Healthspan’s Opti-Turmeric® capsules? You just won’t find it anywhere else. Absorption is a key factor to consider when choosing a turmeric supplement. Standard curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) isn’t water soluble and is therefore very poorly absorbed by our bodies. Healthspan’s exclusive Opti-Turmeric® formulation combines all turmeric benefits in an easily-absorbable capsule format…making it much faster-acting than standard tablet formats (it is 185 times better-absorbed and 7 times faster-acting than standard powdered turmeric). Healthspan’s highly potent capsules contain 500mg of NovaSOL® curcumin – the most easily-absorbed form of curcumin - along with 20mg of vitamin C, meaning our Opti-Turmeric® is a perfect recipe for supporting cartilage formation and can even aid immune health.* The turmeric found in our products is sourced from the southern Indian slopes of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Taking supplements on an empty stomach may not suit everyone. If this is your case, we’d recommend you take this supplement at meal times. *Vitamin C contributes to normal function of the immune system as well as to collagen formation to support cartilage function.

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