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Osmio Vitafresh Inline Vitamin C Shower Filter Combo Pack Each


The use of vitamin C in the treatment of hair and skin is well established and now this easy to fit shower filter can completely neutralise chlorine in your shower water by releasing vitamin C. Destroys chlorine and limescale. Cleans away toxins from the skin! It uses the same replaceable cartridge as the Osmio Vitamin C Handheld Shower Filter, which fits onto a flexible hose, whereas this version is designed to be inline, so easily fits to an overhead shower head setup.The cartridges will last an average of 2 months with typical usage and water quality. You can see exactly when the Vitamin C level has finished as the filter container is see-through. No other shower filters tells you exactly when to change the filter! The vitamin C chemically destroys toxins and is the most helpful product for skin problems in relation to the treatment of water as part of the solution. Vitamin C nourishes the skin. If you would not eat it, do not put it on your skin! Vitamin C cleans the toxins on your skin and hair and nourishes it at the same time. You can replace chemical soaps and things you would not eat, with washing yourself with Vitamin C.

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