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Workout trainers come in a variety of styles with different features depending on what type of workout they suit best - running, weight training, walking, tennis. For optimal results from your workout and to avoid injury, it is considered best practice to wear the correct footwear that matches your workout. Having the correct footwear when working out is not only important to ensure your comfort when moving, but also for avoiding injuries such as ankle strains, fractures, recurring bunions, back pain and metatarsalgia (pain in the ball of the foot). Continuing to wear the wrong workout trainers can not only negatively impact your workout, but also aggravate these injuries further. With the variety of workout trainers available on the market, it shouldn't be difficult to find a pair that fits your needs and style, but also are comfortable to wear and help you avoid injury. What is the difference between "everyday" trainers and workout trainers? There are two key difference between "everyday" trainers and workout trainers: sole flexibility and heel height. Workout trainers need to be able to withstand repetitive movements while also protecting your feet, whether those are lateral movements (side to side) or running movements (forward and back), so the soles are more flexible to accommodate this. Workout trainers, depending on whether they're for running or not, will also have different heel heights - the higher the "heel drop", the better support they have for running. "Everyday" trainers tend to have very little built-in support, and are more about style than functionality. Depending on what kind of exercise you do, it's best to wear the appropriate footwear for that exercise. Are the most expensive trainers the best? No, the most expensive trainers are not the best for everyone. Depending on what exercises you do, how frequently you work out, and your personal preferences, the most expensive pair of workout trainers might not necessarily be the best choice for you. Rather than focusing on price, pay attention to the fit and feel of the trainers as you shop.

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