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Tower Vortx T17021 4.3L Manual Air Fryer - Black


The Tower Vortx T17021 4.3L Manual Air Fryer let's you enjoy fried delicious meals using the hot air circulation technology. With only a little amount of low calorie cooking spray the enhanced airflow creates a crispy texture as it fries across a range of food. Regardless of whether you are - frying, roasting, baking or grilling, this air fryer does it all. It's also very easy to clean, as the pull-out drawer and removable inner cooking basket require just a simple hand wash to maintain the same great cooking performance with each and every use. It's the ideal kitchen accessory if you want to make your mealtimes better and quicker. It comes complete with a generous capacity of a 4.3 litre pot and 3.2 litre basket, large enough to make food for everyone to enjoy and has safety features such as an automatic switch-off and a 60 minute timer added for peace of mind. Features and Benefits Vortx Technology - Rapidly circulates air over the food to get crispier results. Temperature control - Let's you adjust to the perfect temperature for your food. 60 Minute Timer - Tracks your cooking progress, allowing you to get on with other tasks. Specifications Dimensions: H32.6 x W35 x D28.7cm Guarantee: 1 year supplier, 2 year manufacturer Colour: Black Capacity: 3.2L Power: 1500W Weight: 5.65kg

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