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Garlic 800mg - 360 capsules


What is garlic? It’s with good reason that garlic lies at the heart of some of the nation’s favourite recipes – its powerful taste and punchy smell being instantly recognisable in any dish. What a lot of people don’t know is that this humble bulb and relative to the onion, is also highly regarded for its positive effect on health. The secret to garlic’s benefits lies in “alliin”, a sulphur compound that when combined with the enzyme “alliinase” forms the active ingredient “allicin”. Why choose Healthspan’s Garlic - 800mg capsules? It’s a recipe for your heart! The experts in our product team have mixed garlic with vitamin B1 to create a fantastic recipe your heart will love.* Our experts created gelatin-free, easy-swallow capsules that provide 8mg of pure garlic extract (equivalent to 800mg of fresh garlic bulb) as well as 100%NRV of vitamin B1 to support your cardiac function. They even added parsley oil to neutralise garlic odour and taste. Made in Switzerland. *Vitamin B1 (thiamine) helps support heart health.

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