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Saw Palmetto Complete - 90 capsules


What is Saw Palmetto Complete? Saw Palmetto is a spiky palm plant which was given its name because of its sawtooth-shaped leaves. It contains purple-black berries that were used in traditional native American medicine for various male health problems. The berries are rich in plant sterols and fatty acids; our formulation follows a standardised procedure to ensure the saw palmetto fruit extract contains a minimum of 85% fatty acids. This supplement also contains selenium and zinc, two key minerals for men’s sexual health. Selenium is needed for the manufacture of sperm, while zinc is important for fertility and reproductive health, including healthy blood levels of the hormone testosterone. It’s also needed for protein synthesis, a process necessary for muscle building. Why is ours better? We include cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil and evening primrose oil, both rich in fatty acids, plus tomato extract which contains the powerful carotenoid lycopene. Who is this for? Our vegetarian capsules are ideal for men who want to maximise their sexual and reproductive health, naturally.

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