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Effervescent Magnesium - 40 effervescent tablets


What is Effervescent Magnesium? Magnesium is just Magnificent and crucial for our health and wellbeing. Magnesium is a key nutrient that helps convert the food you eat into energy whilst also maintaining your muscle function, including the heart. It also helps you make new proteins and keep your nervous system in harmony. But there is more… this important mineral maintains a normal psychological function, reduces tiredness and fatigue, and keeps your bones and teeth in the best possible condition. As we said, Magnesium is Magnificent! Why is ours better? We've created a zero-sodium formulation that not only provides all the benefits of magnesium, but each refreshing citrus drink also helps keep your blood pressure in check. Remember, reducing your sodium consumption helps maintain a normal blood pressure. Most effervescent tablets out there contain astonishing levels of sodium, so make sure you read the label and choose the best product for you. Who is this for? For anyone looking to support their bones, teeth, muscles, energy levels and general wellbeing. Made in the UK.

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