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Vitamin D3 10μg - 240 tablets


What is Vitamin D3? It’s not called the sunshine vitamin for nothing. While we can get some vitamin D from foods, such as oily fish, eggs, red meat and fortified breakfast cereals, we make most of it by exposing our skin to the sun. This first came to light in the early 20th century. Once the industrial revolution got into full swing, there was an outbreak of the bone disease rickets in poor urban children. Unlike their country cousins who toiled in the fields for a living, these young city dwellers were sent to work for long hours in factories where their skin never saw the light of day. The combination of this and poor diets resulted in softened bones and deformities. Scientists have since learned that we all need vitamin D, not just for strong bones and teeth but for healthy muscle function and good immunity too. Despite this, national research recently revealed that one in five of us has low levels, putting us at risk of bone pain, fractures and other health problems. In the UK, the sun simply isn’t strong enough for us to make vitamin D between October and March, and our increasingly indoor lifestyles mean that even in summer many of us don’t get enough. Why is ours better? Unlike some vitamin D supplements, we use vitamin D3, which is the form our bodies are most able to process. Each tablet contains 10µg (400iu) – the daily amount officially recommended for every adult. Who is this for? Vitamin D 10µg is ideal for those who need to maintain healthy body levels of vitamin D. Public Health England recommends that everyone should consider taking a vitamin D supplement in winter and that people at greater risk of low levels should do so all year round. Made in the UK. Alternative products Have a look at our tablet-free vitamin D3 supplements which are ideal if you dislike swallowing tablets. Super D Vitamin Gummy: 25µg of vitamin D3 in delicious apple and blackcurrant chewable gummies (with no added sugar). We also have a range of tasty, high absorption Vitamin Oral Sprays for adults and children, or Strawberry Oral Drops for infants. Complementary product Turmeric is one of five supplements our experts believe provide the foundation of good health. Our Turmeric 10,000 with BioPerine contains the perfect recipe of natural extracts of turmeric and black pepper plus vitamin C to support your overall wellbeing.

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