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Orange Effervescent Vitamin C 1,000mg - 40 effervescent tablets


What is Vitamin C? In the 16th century, scurvy – a condition caused by a deficiency of vitamin C, was considered a major cause of disability and mortality, especially among long journey sailors. Fortunately, long gone are the days when explorers experienced scurvy. These days, vitamin C is well known for the role it plays in aiding our immune system and general wellbeing. This important vitamin protects our cells from oxidative damage and supports the nervous system. Furthermore, it assists collagen formation, helping the normal function of cartilage, skin, bones and teeth. What’s more, vitamin C also maintains good energy levels whilst reducing tiredness and fatigue. No surprise then that this powerful nutrient is considered crucial to our health and essential for our journey. Why is ours better? Our zero-sodium formulation provides all the benefits of vitamin C, whilst also keeping your blood pressure in check. Reducing your sodium consumption helps maintain a normal blood pressure. In our own research we have found many vitamin C effervescent tablets in the market contain astonishing levels of sodium – some even contain the equivalent of 2.1 bags of crisps, which is 17% of a person’s daily limit! So make sure you check the label and choose the best product for you. Who is this for? For anyone looking to support their immune health and general wellbeing. Made in the UK.

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