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Vegan Vitamin D3


'What is Vegan Vitamin D3 1000iu?Delivers 1000iu of active vitamin D3 in each vegan capsule. Derived from algae, use our easy to swallow capsules to help prevent deficiency of this important nutrient. Needed for immunity, healthy bones, teeth, muscles and more besides. This is one vitamin you really don't want to be short on. Vitamin D is a firm favourite of our expert nutritionists who consider it a vital cornerstone to health. Many of us are low in vitamin D either because we spend our days inside or we cover up and stay out of the sun when outside. Vitamin D is made naturally by the action of sunlight on the skin, which is why its often dubbed the sunshine vitamin. Darker skin tones produce less vitamin D when in the weaker sunlight of the northern latitudes as their additional melanin pigment inhibits production. Come autumn and winter even spending time outside on a bright day doesn't produce vitamin D whatever your skin tone. No wonder many of us are deficient.Public Health England advise everyone to take a vitamin D supplement but more recently many doctors are calling for the suggested 400iu level to be raised in light of recent research to well above this.Who is this for?Everyone! This vitamin is so vital to health we all need to make sure we have enough in our systems. Those who want to top up their vitamin D levels but struggle to find a vegan suitable supplement. Those who work indoors or those who can't spend time outside. Those with darker skin tones. Your BMI also affects your vitamin D levels - those with higher BMIs need more. Older people also often need more. Menopausal and post-menopausal women concerned about their bone health, but also younger children and teens for their bones and teeth as they grow. Suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding too.Why is ours better?Extra strength but still family-friendly. Vitamin D3 is generally derived from lanolin and therefore not vegan. Here we choose algal-derived vitamin D3 to bring you all the same benefits but in vegan form. Vitamin D3 is the active form that the body would naturally make on exposure to the sun. Delivers the optimal form from the word go. 1000iu of vegan algal-derived active D3 Essential nutrient for supporting immunity, bones, teeth, muscles and more Many people are low in vitamin D Perfect for all seasons - summer and winter Suitable for the whole family'

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