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Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Lightweight and sleek, corded stick vacuum cleaners are a great way to get rid of dirt and dust. Buy corded vacuum cleaners here.

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With corded stick vacuum cleaners, you have the perfect tool at your disposal for getting rid of dirt in the house, as well as getting rid of any allergens like dust. Working on all kinds of surfaces, these kinds of vacuum cleaners are essential for quality home living and maximising your cleaning routine.

What can I clean with a corded stick vacuum cleaner?

With vacuum cleaners, you can use them to clean anything from dust to dirt. However, if someone has spilt water or another liquid on the floor, don’t use your vacuum cleaner to clean this up. You’ll electrocute yourself!

You shouldn’t use a vacuum cleaner to clean up glass either, as this could damage and puncture the actual vacuum bag where the hoovered bacteria is collected.

What surfaces do corded stick vacuum cleaners work on?

For the most part, corded vacuum cleaners can work on any surface you have in your home, from carpets to vinyl flooring.

What you may need to consider is the kind of corded vacuum cleaner you use on each of these surfaces. For example, using upright vacuum cleaners can damage your hardwood floors. For these floors, it’s best to use a corded vacuum cleaner you can carry around that doesn’t have stiff brushes on the end that can scratch your wooden surfaces.

It’s okay to use corded vacuum cleaners on carpets that have brushed ends. They can get into bits of the carpet where dust and other bacteria may be.

How do I empty corded stick vacuum cleaners?

Corded stick vacuum cleaners can be emptied by removing the vacuum cleaner’s dust cup from the actual vacuum cleaner.

Once over a bin, there should be a button that allows you to empty the contents of your dust cup so it’s ready to be used again.

How long do corded stick vacuum cleaners last?

The longevity of your corded stick vacuum cleaner can depend on quality and brand. However, it’s expected that these types of vacuum cleaners will normally last between five to eight years.