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Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Easy to use and lightweight, cordless vacuum cleaners are a great way to get rid of dirt and dust in hard to reach places. Buy cordless vacuum cleaners here.

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Cordless vacuum cleaners are a great and easy way to clean around the house. No more tripping over cords and carrying the extra weight, cordless vacuums can reach any room in the house without worrying where the nearest plug socket is. They’re also great for cleaning cars.

Find a variety here, from pet hair-friendly to long-lasting battery life.

Is a cordless vacuum cleaner worth it?

Cordless vacuum cleaners are typically a lot lighter than corded versions, allowing you to move freely around the home without the extra stress from the weight. It’s easier to clean hard to reach spaces like the stairs or the car, making it a worthy investment for your home cleaning.

It can also help you get the housework done quicker, reducing the time you spend trying to navigate the vacuum around the house with a cord.

What can I clean with a cordless vacuum cleaner?

You can clean anything such as dust and dirt with a cordless vacuum cleaner. Some models are suited for cleaning pet hair and are anti-hair wrap, too. Avoid vacuuming spills or glass as they can damage the vacuum.

How long do cordless vacuum cleaners last?

With proper care, a cordless vacuum cleaner can last you years. This involves regularly cleaning out the filter and making sure you’re not vacuuming up anything that can be damaging to it.

In terms of battery life, it depends on the make and model. Some batteries can last up to an hour before needing to be recharged, some may last a little less. Always read the specifications when choosing which one to buy to find one more suitable for your needs.