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Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCI 1,000mg - 320 tablets


What is Glucosamine? Glucosamine is found naturally in the human body, where it acts as a building block for proteins that make joint cartilage. Unfortunately, we produce less glucosamine as we get older. Along with the fact that glucosamine can't be obtained solely through diet, it's easy to see why glucosamine supplements have become so popular, taken by thousands of people worldwide. Why is ours better? Many glucosamine tablets are made from the shells of prawns, crabs and other shellfish, making it off limits to vegetarians, vegans and people with shellfish allergies. Healthspan's glucosamine tablets are instead made from a natural source of fermented corn, using a patented process. Who is this for? Anyone who wants support for an active lifestyle, including vegetarians, vegans and people with shellfish allergies. Made in the UK. Interested in more? Chondroitin is a popular nutrient with those who want to keep active, and is considered a perfect partner to glucosamine tablets. Complementary products Turmeric is one of five supplements our experts believe provide the foundation of good health. Take a look at our Opti-Turmeric – an optimal absorption, fast-acting liquid curcumin formulation with vitamin C to support collagen formation for the normal function of cartilage.

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