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Optiflex® Glucosamine HCl 1,325mg with Vitamin C - 120 tablets


What is glucosamine? Glucosamine is found naturally in the human body, where it acts as a building block for the proteins that make joint cartilage. Many standard glucosamine supplements are sourced from the shells of crustaceans, and therefore not suitable for vegetarians or vegans, or those with a shellfish allergy. Unfortunately, we produce less glucosamine as we age. Along with the fact that glucosamine can’t be obtained solely through diet, it’s easy to see why glucosamine supplements have become so popular. Why is ours better? As with most of Healthspan’s products, Optiflex® Glucosamine HCl (hydrochloride) can’t be found from any other supplier. Glucosamine tablets are generally made using prawn/crustacean shells, but we pioneered shellfish-free, vegan glucosamine HCl, which we call Optiflex®, made from a sustainable and natural corn-based source. But it’s not just the quality – glucosamine HCI contains 40% more actual glucosamine per gram than standard glucosamine sulphate (2KCl). Each 1,325mg tablet provides the maximum allowable levels of base glucosamine – 23% more glucosamine than larger, traditional glucosamine sulphate 1,500mg tablets. Vitamin C has also been added to our formulation to support your joint and cartilage health.* *Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of cartilage.

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