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Optiflex® Glucosamine HCl 750mg with Vitamin C - 160 tablets


Have you considered Optiflex Glucosamine HCl 1000mg? These 1000mg tablets contains the same plant-based, sustainably sourced, shellfish free glucosamine HCl, with added vitamin C to support your joints. By upgrading to this product, you get 25% more glucosamine in your daily tablet for less than 1p a day! What is glucosamine? Glucosamine is a major building block of proteins called glycosaminoglycans, which are found naturally in our joints. It’s an especially important component of cartilage: the flexible tissue that protects the ends of our bones from friction when we move. Glucosamine is most commonly found in the shells of crustaceans such as prawns and crabs, as well as fermented grain. However, it is not possible to get significant amounts of glucosamine from our diets - unless you're eating prawns by the ton! Why is ours better? Healthspan’s Optiflex® Glucosamine HCl (hydrochloride) is derived from a sustainable corn-based source. It was the first glucosamine supplement to be made from this food source in the UK, making it accessible to vegetarians and vegans, as well as anyone suffering from a shellfish allergy. Even better, glucosamine HCl delivers 40% more pure glucosamine per gram than standard glucosamine sulphate 2KCl. Some of us have difficulty swallowing large capsules. At this lower dose of 750mg glucosamine, our capsules are smaller and therefore easier to swallow. Finally, we've added vitamin C to our formulation, to support your joint and cartilage health.* *Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of cartilage. Complementary products Omega 3 fish oils are a great companion to glucosamine supplements. Our High Strength Omega 3 500mg capsules are an easy-to-swallow option to get the beneficial fatty acids DHA and EPA in your diet.

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