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Black Garlic 2,000mg - 90 Tablets


What is black garlic? Black garlic is a form of “caramelised” garlic used in Asian cooking for centuries and now making its way into high end restaurants around the world. With its sweet taste and powerful aroma, it’s no wonder black garlic is at the heart of many good recipes. Chefs aren’t the only people cherishing this humble bulb though... Black garlic health benefits have long been revered in Korea, and Thailand-Taoist mythology hints at garlic having powerful properties. Why choose Healthspan’s Black Garlic 2,000mg tablets? Our black garlic tablets are produced using a unique fermentation process: fresh garlic (Allium sativum) is kept under carefully-controlled temperature and humidity conditions for over a month. This removes the smell and helps distil garlic’s positive effect on the heart. In addition, our black garlic tablets are low in fat and rich in amino acids that are easy for our body to digest and absorb. It’s a recipe your heart will love! We mixed black garlic extract and vitamin B1 to give your heart the love it needs.* Each of our odour-free Black Garlic tablets provide 200mg of black garlic extract, equivalent to 2,000mg of whole garlic. To bolster this heart health recipe, we added vitamin B1 which supports cardiac function. Made in the UK. *Contains thiamin, which contributes to the normal function of the heart.

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