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Coenzyme Q10 200mg - 60 Capsules


What is Coenzyme Q10? If you think of your body as a car (bear with us) and your heart as its engine, then coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is the body’s spark plug. CoQ10 occurs naturally in the human body, most abundantly in the heart. Why choose Healthspan’s Coenzyme Q10 200mg capsules? Pure and simple: our Coenzyme Q10 200mg is the strongest in our CoQ10 range. Our capsules are made using all-natural coenzyme Q10 only which means you won’t get the impurities you’d normally get from other coenzyme Q10 products on the market. Even better, it’s one of the highest concentrations available in the UK and thanks to a sunflower-oil base, your body can absorb the nutrients in our capsules much quicker. What’s more… we’ve combined coenzyme Q10 with vitamin B1 to create a supplement that can support your cardiac function and energy levels.* Made in Switzerland. *Vitamin B1 (thiamine) contributes to heart health and energy production. Interested in more? Don’t forget to have a look at our entire range of Coenzyme Q10 products to find the best strength and formulation to suit your health needs. We offer CoQ10 60mg and 100mg as well as “Ubiquinol” (a more easily-absorbed form of CoQ10). If you’ve already found the right CoQ10 for you, consider pairing it up with Plant Sterols, which in certain doses, are proven to lower cholesterol.

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