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Whether from your diet or health supplements, turmeric provides the body with a range of health benefits. Shop different forms of turmeric supplements here.

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Not just a way to enhance your cooking, Turmeric also has some major health benefits. The superfood has ancient roots in medicine, being used to treat swelling and sprains. It was also traditionally used to treat skin disorders and digestive system issues. Curcumin, the active ingredient in the spice, is the driving force for the health benefits with its anti-inflammatory effects and behaviour as an antioxidant.

The distinguishable yellow colour of Turmeric is spotted in curries and the trendy ‘turmeric latte’ that you see all over social media. It’s extremely healthy and can be added to the diet through the addition of supplements, if you’re not a fan of the taste or don’t use it enough in cooking. Many turmeric supplements are vegetarian and vegan friendly and come in a number of forms to suit your needs. Capsule, tablet and liquid form of the supplement can be easily introduced to your daily routine and will benefit the body in both mental and physical wellbeing.

People also asked

What is turmeric good for?

Turmeric has major benefits for the body and brain. Benefits include:

  • Cognitive function support
  • Helping arthritis
  • Immune system support
  • Lowering the risk of heart disease
  • Helping to prevent cancer
  • Improving depression
  • Anti-inflammatory

Can turmeric help you lose weight?

Many studies have not shown concrete evidence that turmeric is linked to weight loss or fat burning. It does have plenty of other health benefits that can be linked indirectly to weight loss, such as boosting the immune system.

How long does turmeric take to work?

Studies suggest an average of 4 – 8 weeks to see the beneficial effects of turmeric. Many factors can contribute to the length of time it takes to work for the individual, such as weight and condition. Taking turmeric supplements regularly and consistently will ensure you see benefits in that time.